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Residency: 2017

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hornbill and Elephant Creative Residency 2017

16 to 22nd October 2017

Our first ever activity: a 7-day residency programme for creatives from Sarawak and Sabah. Held in HAUS KCH, in Sarawak, in collaboration with Catama Borneo.

Residency included city and museum tours, and creative programming at HAUS KCH, a creative community hub. The programme featured daily talks by researchers, and anthropologists, with invited guests of Friends of Sarawak Musueum, with the intention to create a space in which creatives learn about Borneo cultural heritage and folklore, and respond through their work

Speakers included Louise Macul, Valerie Mashman, Ferrah Fusfita, Eleanor Goroh, Adrian Jo Milang, Jayl Langub, Catriona Mddocks, Raine Melissa Riman, Monica Janowski, Alvin Danker, Vernon Kedit, Ipoi Datan

Local university students were invited to attend woodcut workshops hosted by Pangrok Sulap.

Borneo Bengkel Residency Collaborators

Pangrok Sulap, 9 Lives, Rico Leong, Nadira Ilana

Borneo Magic Beads, Pogun Savat, Neng Kho Razali, Adrian Jo Milang, Kendy Mitot, Orangutan Studio, Monkey Tattoos, QE Printers, Hello Kuching, At Adau, Sada Borneo

Public Activities

Tattoo Exhibition and Demo

Motifs, Myths and Meaning

Fireside Fables and Folklore

GlassHAUS Weekends

Performances by Sada Borneo, At Adau, Meruked, series of public workshops, art market and Sup4Gud!

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