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Syed Rusydie on Fujifilm C200 by Sonia Luhong.JPG

Film photographer & writer

Syed Rusydie is a film photographer, writer and designer from Kuching, Sarawak. Having almost 20 years of experience shooting with film, Rusydie finds that the ritualism behind using the medium forces one to curate their perspective more critically and thoughtfully. As a result, he uses his body of work as an excuse to initiate conversations with strangers, and in the process of preparing a shot, discovers their life and journey.

Syed Rusydie is also the co-founder and director of HAUS KCH, Kuching's first grassroots-initiated and -powered creative community hub which was conceptualised with input from 10 other creative communities from Kuching. Today the hub serves opportunities for local creatives to upskill and collaborate through space-based and digital programmes in Kuching and beyond.

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