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Artist & activist

“In a rapidly modernising Malaysian state, I’m always trying to capture the tension and pressure faced by my people, whose lives interact with and respect the natural environment. My work emphasizes the inequalities that exist between modern consumerism and traditional sustainable ways of life. My art is a reflection of my people and the rainforest in which I grew up, and the importance of nature to the Orang Asal. I try to capture a contemporary view of the struggle faced by Malaysia’s indigenous people and I aim is to contribute to a deeper understanding of multiracial Malaysia through my art. I work with many mediums, from pencil, watercolour on paper, acrylic on canvas to painting on pandanus weaving, bamboo, and as well as installations art.”


Shaq Koyok is a contemporary artist and activist of the indigenous Temuan tribe of Selangor. In his early year, the land developer has encroached the jungle around his village and now it reflecting in his many works, that trauma in his childhood has fuelled his passion and led his to fight for his people land rights. He loves to explore many mediums of art, from contemporary painting to installation art.

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