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Fine artist & researcher

Kendy Mitot is a Sarawakian indigenous artist from the Bidayuh tribe. At Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Selangor, Malaysia, he received his Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons) in 2009, Master of Art & Design (Art History & Cultural Management) in 2012, and Doctor of Philosophy in Art & Design in 2020.


Kendy currently works as an educator (Senior Lecturer) at the Faculty of Communication and Creative Industries at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, TAR UC.


Kendy's research areas as an educator, cultural researcher, visual arts practitioner, and writer include topics related to the traditional arts and culture of Borneo's Indigenous peoples, particularly the Bidayuh, in Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia, on ritual ceremonies, belief, myths, and symbols as well as his interest in experimenting with different mediums in his artworks.

Since the emergence of world religions (pre-colonial, colonial, and postcolonial times), urbanisation, and modernity in Borneo, ancient knowledge has been rapidly disappearing and becoming practically forgotten. As an artist, Kendy uses contemporary arts (mixed media, installation art, etc.) and experimentation to disseminate and re-contextualize in order to pass down such knowledge and values to communicate narrative storytelling in bringing communities together and keeping these traditions alive.

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