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Multidisciplinary creative

Elroy Ramantan is an active member of Brunei’s creative and art scenes. He first realized his love of design and creative art while completing his Bachelors in Business Administration in Limkokwing University, Malaysia, back in 2017.


Elroy is determined to define himself not based on the credentials of his bachelor’s degree but on what he believes and pursues in life. He is currently a studio manager in Avenue 41, a transformative event and creative space that also facilitates the creation of intiatives and innovative ideas with NGOs and collaborators.


Elroy works hand-in-hand with civil groups and societies as well with creatives and artists in creating social change in Brunei Darussalam. Elroy Ramantan is also the founder of Minority Report, a group initiative that highlights Indigenous and minority cultures and communities in Brunei, bridging Brunei back to her Bornean roots and connecting other Bornean counterparts with Brunei.


Minority Report also highlights the importance of including indigenous and minority communities in civil societies and movements, and how such communities are valuable as agents of social change and overcoming social issues.

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