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CATRIONA MADDOCKS  Artist & curator

Catriona Maddocks is a curator, artist and researcher based in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Her cross-disciplinary work focuses on collaborative platform building, and developing spaces in which to explore identity, community narratives and cultural heritage within a contemporary context.


Through the lens of a long term foreign resident of Malaysia, of non South East Asian descent, she seeks to encourage dialogue and exploration of tangible and intangible heritage, and enable crossovers and interactions between rural indigenous practices and urban creative expression.

Catriona is a passionate champion of the arts and is fascinated in exploring how creative practitioners can re-imagine and re-contextualise traditional knowledge. Originally from the United Kingdom, she moved to East Malaysia in 2009.


She is the co-founder of social enterprise Catama, and creative platform Borneo Bengkel, and most recently launched Borneo Boat Lute Revival. She is a recipient of the 2020 Krishen Jit Fund to develop a series exploring craft, integrated QR codes and digital archives, and is currently producing a new series of work exploring the cross overs between Celtic and Bornean mythology.

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