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Graphic designer, visual artist & poet

Bethany Luhong Balan is a freelance multimedia designer, poet, and self-taught visual artist based in Kuching, Sarawak. She has a bachelor degree in graphic design and has been involved in creative ventures in one way or another for as long as she can remember. Her journey to becoming a full-fledged artist began in 2016 when she started performing spoken word poetry with the Wordsmiths of Kuching. Since then, she has participated in various performances, poetry anthologies, art exhibitions, and even a virtual artist residency.

Bethany Luhong Balan is inspired by the duality of man and the many contradictions that make up a person's individual identity. A multi-disciplinary artist, her artworks aim to blur the line between reality and fantasy and her playful and subversive approach lends a sense of magic realism to each piece, whether the medium is poetry, clay, or digital art.

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